How to Choose a Website Hosting Company for Dummies

Internet not only serves as a communication bridge between people from across the globe. Its mounting trend has brought in evolution in our lifestyles too. Now, with internet on our palms, we can shop, consult doctors, attend online seminars, and pursue education and so much more. This has saved us a lot of time, for all it takes is a click on what we wish to have at our doorstop. But all this is possible through a website that connects you to the rest of the world through internet.

Now that websites are easy to create and manage, people benefit from it by establishing online businesses. Hence, the trend of online business has increased conspicuously. To run this website you will need uninterrupted internet with high speed to meet the standards of market rivalry, and a lot of space to store your data which is the content you upload to your website. To meet these requirements, you will need a web Host.

Once you have chosen a specific web host, whose services you want to avail, they start by storing your website files in high-powered computers (web servers) connected to a very fast network. Once you have published your website with the web host servers, other people connected to the internet can access to your content by connecting them to your server that transfers the information from the server back to their computers.

Let us confer a couple of web hosting sites that are ranked amongst the most prevalent ones in the region:


Since 1999, Nexus has been growing and providing the customers with brilliant web hosting features. It has a large number of satisfied customers and is providing quality services. Its general features include:

·       1-Click App Installer

·       24/7 customer support

·       E-commerce Ready

·       Unlimited Bandwidth

·       Website Builder

·       Email support

·       Live chat support

They provide a package of $5/1000mbs annually with a good speed.



Creative on is operational since 2001 and is working globally. It has many satisfied customers from across the globe. They provide quality web hosting services to their clients at very affordable rates. Its most common features are:

·       Backup mail server and more frequent back ups

·       E-mail forwarding

·       Webmail

·       IMAP support

·       Advance spam and virus protection

·       E-mail auto responders

·       File manager

·       Password protected directories

·       FTP users

·       Local currency pricing

They provide a package of $10/1000mbs annually with a fine web speed.

For more options, I suggest you check out the resource below:


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