Tips for Best Website Design

Five steps to keep in mind while designing your website

If you really want visitors to stick to your page for long and keep revisiting it then you need to put some effort in designing your website. Here are a few tips that I will share with you:

1.     Professional Logo:

Every company that is setting up needs a logo to be remembered with. Since pictures tend to capture our memory more easily than the text every company makes sure they have a logo. Logo is a very important of the brand so you need to make sure that it’s located in an appropriate place on the website for all the visitors to see. 

You must use a high resolution image that is placed on the top left corner of the site so it captures most people and you can also link your logo back to the home page which makes it easier for people to navigate to it.

2.     Get Rid Of Irrelevant Items:

We see many people driven away while designing their website. Normally people get carried away and put unnecessary details in every corner of the website. Too much information and items on one page is overwhelming for the visitor and he is forced to exit your site. You definitely don’t want that to happen, right? Therefore you need to focus on the essential items that deliver the most usefulness. A clutter free website is most likely to have more visitors.

3.     Color Scheme:

Most people get carried away when deciding a color scheme for the website. You need to choose all colors wisely. Light and neutral shades of color give an elegant and a clean look so it’s better if you settle for a few subtle colors. It would be even better if your color scheme matches with your logo color as well as any other marketing material on the website.

4.     Good Photography:

When you are using pictures to put them up on your website you need to make sure your photos are not generic because you don’t want to give all the visitors the impression that your company is generic. Mostly people put up bad quality and senseless photos which immediately drives people away. Therefore to make sure people stay on the page you need to put professional and high quality photos that particularly indicate a certain thing you want to be noticed. For example, people are immediately drawn to human faces, so you could take a picture of the person looking at the content and then people will be easily intrigued by what he/she is looking at.

5.     Font Size:

The size of the font you choose matters a lot. Many people might be accessing your website through laptop and some through mobile devices so it’s better to go for a universal font that fits perfectly on both screens. Large fonts may be readable on the laptop but they are quite out of order on a mobile screen and it’s partly annoying scrolling left, right and bottom for every word.

Follow these steps and you’ll make people stay on your site for long.